The Urban Combat Specialist-Group (UCS-Group) is a professional development centre for modern warriors. The UCS-Group is at the vanguard of training, tactics and mindset in Unconventional Urban Warfare. The root of our training lies in the development of the individual as a whole. We teach a strong core warrior archetype that is integrated with physical and tactical skills regulated by intense psychological conditioning. The road to achieving professional skill and knowledge is a journey requiring dedication, sacrifice and commitment. The UCS-Group offers two separate Tiers of training allowing the individual to chose the path that is best for them.

Tier-1 The TEAMS

Full immersion into culture, community and training best describes the UCS-Groups patented system of training known as “the TEAMS.”  Individuals who apply for and pass SELECTION to the TEAMS are assigned to one of our core 8-man training teams where they receive prolonged, intensive, exposure to our trademarked Core Warrior Psychological Development Program, as well as our Urban Combat Tactical-System. The seamless integration of physical and psychological training combined with full immersion into a training culture that demands high standards and accountability to Team and Teammate is an unquestionable method used by every Tier-1 special operations group to produce the best and brightest warrior’s today. Few people have ever experienced the tremendous benefits gained by belonging to a group of highly motivated, passionately dedicated, like minded individuals. (See programs for more information)

Tier-2 The Sheepdog Initiative

Quality over quantity. The UCS-Groups Sheepdog initiative offers 5 separate condensed programs that allow individuals and organizations the opportunity to experience the quality, culture, community and skill sets of Tier-1 training.

1) Rapid Induction
2) Core Warrior Psychological Development
3) Private Intensives/re-blooming
4) Corporate Lecture/Training
5) Custom Programs/Seminars

The UCS-Group passionately believes that warrior’s come from all walk’s of life and occupations. There is a spark, a warrior “ignition” that draws an individual to the culture and community of warrior-ship. The UCS-Group accepts applications from all sectors, Military, Law enforcement and Civilian.


Core Induction


February 7 – 9 – Class 141 
April 4 – 6  - Class 142 
June 13 – 15 – Class 143 
August 15 – 17 – Class 144 
October 17 – 19 – Class 145 
November 28 – 30 – Class 146


A.I.T.C – (Advanced Individual Training Course)


March 8 – 9 – Developmental Training 
July 9 – 13 – 5-day Combat School 
November 7 – 9 – Scenario Training


March 7 – 8 – Developmental Training 
July 8 – 16 – 5-day Combat School 
November 13 – 15 – Scenario Training

Sheepdog Initiative

If you do not see a date for the program you are interested in please check back often as new dates are added frequently. To ensure you receive all the latest dates be sure to sign up for the UCS-Group newsletter.

E-mail us at and let us know which courses you are interested in. The more interest you show the more courses we run.

Rapid Induction



Core Warrior Psychological Development Program




Warrior Development Series

      November 18 & 19, 2014

Col. Danny McKnight & Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

                 Eventbrite - 2013 Warrior Development Series 

Coming Soon.